How to set in sleeves

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Fitting sweaters has gained an undeserved bad reputation for being extremely difficult. I have therefore made a pattern on how to assemble to shatter this myth. Assembly is not difficult, just very boring haha. I want to point out that there are many ways to mount, but this is how I do it: D 


(Photo: Åste and her friend on a trip in Pasvik with Norwegian forest sweaters knitted in Alafosslopi. They mounted for the first time and they were sooo good !!: D).

What you need to assemble are:

  • Knitting needles.
  • Needle with round tip.
  • some leftover yarn.
  • Sewing machine. (If you have never used a sewing machine before, practice on a newspaper. New sewing machines are very easy to use and the only skill you really need to learn is to sew forward and be able to press the lapel button for a few seconds).

Step 1

When you have finished knitting the sleeves and the front and back piece, attach the threads. (Sleeves should be cast off and remember to cast off loosely! Feel free to use a larger one Pinne to fall off. Do not cast off stitches on front and back piece.). When I have cast off the sleeves, I leave 1 meter of thread left so that I can use it to sew in the coating later.

Step 2

Place the front and back piece on two long circular needles as shown in the picture and cast off 3 stitches on each side of the front and back piece so that it is easier to reach with the sewing machine. Use stitch markers to mark where the neck should be. Measure the width of the sleeve and use some leftover yarn to mark where to sew. Sew around this stitch as shown in the picture. I usually sew two or three times. I sew with straight stitches. Many people prefer zik-zag nails. I have tried both and notice no difference so I use straight stitches because I feel that I get better control when I sew.

Step 3

Turn the front and back piece. Knit the shoulders together. When you knit the shoulders, cast off as you would otherwise, but instead of picking up 1 stitch, pick up 2 stitches. Stop when you reach the neck. 

Cut up between the seams and sew in the sleeves. I usually sew them in by hand. Use stitch markers to make sure it is evenly distributed. 

Use yarn to sew in the sleeves. Elastic is longer in width than in height and therefore you sometimes have to pick up 2 "bridges" between the stitches instead of 1. The rule of thumb is to pick up 2 "bridges" at once for every third stitch, but this varies from garment to garments since no two knit exactly the same. So therefore it is important that you use mesh markers so that you always stay up to date on whether you should pick up 1 or 2 "bridges".

Step 4

Sew over a round with the sewing machine inside out over the "hand stitch" to make sure it holds. Sew the coating over the wound edge.

Step 5

Now knit the neck. Pick up a stitch from each shoulder so that there are no holes and knit the neck 😀 

Congratulations! You're done now! Put sweater in water and dry it flat.

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