Corrections Wilderness sweaters

Corrections Wilderness Interior vol.3 1st edition

  • Elise's tapestry on page 116: there must be 200g of pattern color 5 and not pattern color 2 which is navy blue in the diagram
  • Polar children blanket p. 106: 200g of pattern color 3 and 100g of pattern color 2
  • Tipped blanket - After knitting garter st Pinne number five you have to switch to Pinne number 6 before starting on diagram A.

Corrections Wilderness sweaters vol. 2 editions 1.

  • Prefix on Tinde fur wool yarn is 65 and not 67 under thin Føyka
  • The intersection in the eye of the hopi in rows 33, 34 and 35 shall be in pattern color 2 and not in base color.
  • On page 34, “Vidde dark olive green 69304” is missing under the color codes of Arctic summer raglan.

Explanation vol. 2

  • On the Thin Føyka, details on the sleeves will not match the details on the support piece in all sizes, the pattern is centered in front. 

Corrections Wilderness Sweaters vol 1

  • On p.84 the first diagram is A and the small one is diagram B. Everything on p.85 is diagram C.
  • The pattern on Føyka does not add up due to the reports in the pattern. It was not mathematically possible. The pattern is centered at the front.
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