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Linka Neumann AS is run by the couple Waqas Ali and Linka Neumann.

Linka Neumann grew up on Vettakollen in Oslo in a happy family. As a 9-year-old, she got her first Husky, Phoebe. She came from Ingstad's old husky kennel, which was right up the road from the childhood home at Vettakollen. Huskies, dog sledding and outdoor life were a big part of growing up. Linka was always a creative person who loved to draw and make things. Growing up, countless paintings and drawings were made. Large quantities of paw socks were also sewn for training.

Linka quickly realized that life was more than just school. She still took a bachelor's degree in pedagogy. In the years after VGS, there was a lot of travel in the world, and moving around Norway. Linka currently lives in Åsgreina by Romeriksåsene together with her husband, Waqas, and the dogs Sakura and Obelix. 

Knitting and needlework have always been a big part of the family, and Linka was always the one in the family who did not knit. This changed after living for a period in Røros. Where the knitting inspiration grew big after working in a nursing home where both staff and patients knitted the most beautiful things. The first Marius sweater was knitted and this was the start of a new chapter in life. 

Linka eventually started designing her own garments, and the first sweater, the Wilderness sweater, is still one of the most popular. She has published 2 books. "Wilderness sweaters vol.1" came in 2019 and was on the bestseller list for over 30 weeks. “Wilderness Sweaters vol. 2 ”came in 2020. Book 1 has been translated into many languages and book 2 follows closely. 

After Waqas met Linka, the world changed and together we are team Dynamite! Linka is very creative and quite incompetent in computers. She was probably born in the wrong century when she is not a good friend of technology? Waqas is quite the opposite.

In 2020, Linka and Waqas opened the online store linkaneumann.com and the adventure continues. 

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