The Kathmandu sweater is inspired by the Hippie era in the 60's and 70's. The sweater is knitted on Pinne 5 in Vidde, Varde and / or Luna from Hillesvåg woolen goods factory. The sweater fits well on a cold summer day as well as a fresh winter day.

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Southwest is an oversized vest with drop-down shoulders that are knitted from the bottom up. The garment is quick to knit Pinne 6 mm in Vams from Rauma Ullvarefabrikk (100% Norwegian wool). 

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Wilderness sweaters Polar Hoodie

This is a digital supplement to the Wilderness sweater, Alasuq polar, Føyka and Tusseladd polar. 35 kr.

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Wilderness Interior vol. 3
Wilderness Sweaters vol. 3
Wilderness Sweaters vol. 2
Wilderness Sweaters vol 2
Wilderness Sweaters vol. 1
Wilderness Sweaters vol. 1

Free pattern for Toppiluen

Yarn kits with Norwegian wool
Enamel cups

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