Hand-dyed Vams

NOK 129 for 50 grams of hemp

Hand-dyed Vams from Rauma that give your knitting project a unique touch. Nordkalott sweater, Norwegian forest sweater, Black wolf sweater, Sørvest and Pokharavest, Pokhara sweater, Sørvest sweater, Katmandu Polar, Hopi Polar are garments that are knitted in Vams.

All skeins have a unique feel and can escape from the product image.

See the Assortment in Rauma Vams here.

Hand-dyed Vams by Marit Synnøve Johnsen with Jacquard acid dyes.
100% Norwegian wool.
80 m / 50 g.
Pin 5-6.
14-16 stitches per 10 cm.
30 degree wool programme, or hand wash.


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