Wilderness Sweaters vol. 2

Wilderness Sweaters vol. 2


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Language: Norwegian

Wilderness Sweaters (2019) was last year's bestseller and knitting success. In this book, Linka Neumann shares new patterns for thick and cozy sweaters, mittens and hats for wilderness kids and adults who like to be outside in all kinds of weather. The genuine and distinctive patterns are inspired by indigenous peoples and nature. Here you will find knitting patterns for Hopi, Arctic Summer, Kvitebjørn, Suaq and many more. The sweaters are designed to withstand the elements, so they are knitted in robust and durable wool from Norwegian and Icelandic sheep.

In the book you will find 3 hat changers, 2 mitt changers, 6 children's changers and 12 patterns for adults.

Finnish version here*

Swedish version here*

Danish version here*

German version here*

Russian version here*

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