Tusseladd black and cognac

Tusseladd black and cognac (Norwegian wool)


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Yarn package Tusseladd black and cognac. You can find the pattern for the Tusseladd sweater in the book " Villmarksgensere ". This jumper is knitted in Tinde fur wool yarn from Hillesvåg ullvarefabrikk. (This sweater is knitted by Tora Nordhøy).

Calculate an extra buckle for a high neck.

Knitting gauge: 10 cm on Pinne no 3,5= 22 stitches.

The sweater measures S(M)L(XL)XXL
Sleeves (Ladies/Men): (46)47(48) 49(50)51/ (49)50(52)53(54)55 cm
Overall width (Both sizes): (90)98(104)111(120) cm
Length of shirt (Women's/Men's): (38)40(42)43(44)44cm/ (43)44 (45)46 (47)47 cm
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Blue fur wool yarn is a shiny, soft and airy hand knitting yarn spun from wool from Norwegian fur sheep. It has a fine, soft and silky wool with a good cover. The yarn is suitable for jumpers, long jackets, mittens and hats. Blue fur wool yarns can also be knitted into airy cozy blankets or cushions for the sofa.

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