Tusseladd in olive green (Norwegian wool) Linka Neumann Wilderness sweaters

Tusseladd in olive green (Norwegian wool)


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Yarn package Tusseladd in olive green (Norwegian wool). The pattern for the Tusseladd sweater can be found in the book "Villmarksgensgensere". This sweater is knitted in Tinde fur wool yarn from Hillesvåg ullvarefabrikk. Tinde does not come in white and I have therefore also used Sol lamb wool in this model (for low neck, calculate one hespe less in bottom color).

The sweater is worked in the round and in the round.

Knitting gauge: 10 cm on Pinne no 3,5= 22 stitches.

Sweater size S (M) L (XL) XXL

Sleeves (Women / Men): (46) 47 (48) 49 (50) 51 / (49) 50 (52) 53 (54) 55 cm

Overwidth (Both sizes): (90) 98 (104) 111 (120) cm

Length of body (Women / Men): (38) 40 (42) 43 (44) 44cm / (43) 44 (45) 46 (47) 47 cm

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