mask marker mindful

Mindful mask marker in Sterling silver with chakra symbols (10 pcs)


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Stitch marker Mindful from KnitPro. The set contains 10 markers in different diameters to fit all your projects and knitting needles.

The markers come on a holder in a handy and pretty fabric bag so you can keep track of them. A perfect gift for a knitting friend (or yourself...!)

Stitch markers are an essential tool for knitters, especially when working on more complicated patterns or constructions. A stitch marker is a small ring or clip that is placed on the knitting needle to mark a specific point in the knitting.

A common way to use markers is to place them between each repeat of a pattern so that you can easily count the stitches and make sure you've done it correctly. In this way, the markers can help to avoid mistakes in the pattern, which is especially useful when knitting larger projects.

Stitch markers can also be used to mark places where to increase or decrease stitches, or to mark separations between colors in a multi-color knit. By using markers, you can easily keep your patterns organized and be sure to do the right techniques in the right place.

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