Matoaka pink and white

Matoaka pink and white


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Yarn pack Matoaka pink and white by Linka Neumann. The pattern for Matoaka can be found in the book "Wilderness Sweaters". This sweater is knitted in the Icelandic yarn Lettlopi. Lettlopi contains guard hair and underwool from sheep, which makes the garment water resistant. Garments knitted in Lettlopi are perfect for outdoor use. The garment becomes softer after washing (for high necks, calculate 50 g extra of the base colour).

Knitting gauge: 10 cm on Pinne no 4,5= 18 stitches.

Sweater size S (M) L (XL) XXL

Sleeves (ladies / men): 49 (50) 51 (52) 53 cm / 54 (55) 56 (57) 58 cm
Overwidth (both sizes): 94 (100) 111 (122) 133 cm
Full length (women / men): 63 (65) 66 (67) 69 cm / 67 (69) 70 (72) 74 cm

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