Føyka red

Føyka red (Norwegian wool)


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Yarn package for Føyka red (Norwegian wool). The pattern for Føyka can be found in the book "Villmarksgensere".

Føyka Red is an elegant and stylish wool sweater from the renowned brand Villmarksgensere. With its unique design inspiration, this sweater will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Føyka Red is made from high quality wool that ensures warmth and comfort throughout the winter months.

Knitting gauge: 10 cm on Pinne no 6= 13 stitches.

Sweater measurements S (M)L (XL) XXL:
Sleeves (ladies'/men's): 47(48)49(50) 51 cm/50(51)52(53) 54 cm
Waist (both sizes): 93 (101)110 (120) 130 cm
Length of bowl(women's / men's): 41 (42) 43 (44) 45 cm/43 (44) 45 (46) 47 cm

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